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Inspired by Bryson, my younger brother, Bryson’s Sunshine Foundation, a nonprofit organization, aims to mirror the same generosity and kindness he exemplified throughout his life. Bryson was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of eleven during my freshman year of high school. He endured several rounds of chemotherapy, one bone marrow transplant, and one stem cell transplant. Although we devastatingly lost him after nearly a year of fierce fight, the impact he had on the people around him is far from gone.

Bryson’s generosity was simply remarkable, and he truly had a heart of gold. During his treatment at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Bryson was rewarded with a gift card for walking the most laps on the oncology ward. Instead of buying himself something as most kids his age would, Bryson purchased a pair of fuzzy slippers from the hospital gift shop for me. Not only did this reveal his maturity, but it also demonstrated one of many examples that Bryson put others before himself. No matter how ill he felt, he always kept a smile on his face and continued fighting. When asked whether he was angry towards his diagnosis, Bryson replied, “One in so many children get cancer, so if I got it, then someone else would not have gotten it.” The fact that he could bring light to the unfairly challenging situation and put others’ wellbeing before his own even during such a devastating time truly showed his positive, loving and selfless nature. He never let anything bring him down. Until his passing, Bryson exemplified an unwavering resilience, courage and generosity, unparalleled by anyone else I have ever met.

Besides the exceptional personality and kindness Bryson possessed, he was a curious, fun boy with numerous hobbies. He could often be found buried in a nonfiction book, memorizing fact after fact which he would later share at the dinner table. Bryson also enjoyed playing saxophone and searching up Imagine Dragons songs to listen to while doing homework. During other leisure time, he was likely building Legos or playing on-line video games with his friends, especially Fortnite and Overwatch. Before his diagnosis, Bryson was a bright, vibrant middle school student with a smile that could light up the room. During his treatment, Bryson was a warrior who fought with tremendous bravery and never gave up. After his passing, Bryson became a beloved angel with an impact that would last forever.

My brother often spoke about helping children who face the same struggles he did. It is my hope that this nonprofit will accomplish what he did not have the chance to. His exemplary attributes will forever live on through the mission of this foundation: To brighten the lives of pediatric cancer patients, survivors, and their families while raising childhood cancer awareness and helping to find cures.

- Breanna Yang

Bryson’s Sunshine Foundation Founding President


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